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Great Clips prices start at $14.00 for adult haircuts and $12.00 for kids haircuts. For a detailed look at Great Clips prices and services, continue reading below.

Salons have always been the solution of many men and women when it comes to hair care and maintenance. Many great hair salons around the world offer exceptional and quality services that have brought them enormous business growth.

Great Clips is one of the most popular and biggest salon chains in the world that gives clients outstanding hair care for all age groups. The company is well-recognized by their great customer service which they believe to be the main key to their success in business.

Below are the latest estimated Great Clips prices and services:



Children – 10 & under$12.00
Senior – 65 & over$12.00






Bang, Neck, or Beard Trim$5.00
Conditioning Treatment$13.00


Since its launch in 1982 in Minneapolis, Great Clips has always been competitive in bringing excellence in terms of haircuts and hair styling. Founders of this long-established salon, Steve Lemmon and David Rubenzer together with Ray Barton, established the company’s growth through franchising. The first franchising contract happened in 1983 in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota.

Great Clips’ mind-blowing target to build 3,000 salons was reached through their customer-centric approach in delivering their services. The salon gives high value to their clients’ time. Great Clips finds its way to adjust to customers’ busy schedule by having their services available in the evenings and on weekends.

In 2011, the hair salon company launched a service which they call Online Check-in. This allows customers to register to the waitlist and check wait times before they arrive. Not long after this, Great Clips introduced their very own Clip Notes system which traces customer data for a better customer service between salons. Today, Great Clips operates a total of 3,700 salons all over Canada and the United States.


great clips pricesGreat Clips offers a wide range of services for all haircut and hair styling needs. Quality haircuts for both men and women are available as well as special rates for children below 10 years old and senior citizens 65 years old.

Great Clips also provides unique styling with unbeatable prices. Formal, long and regular hairstyles are available. Trimming for beard, neck and bangs is also available for a minimal service fee.

Also, excellent perming styling is offered at Great Clips with extremely low prices. For long and regular hair, there is flexibility to elect for special priced partial perming. Even conditioning treatments are available for reasonable and affordable prices.

It seems as if the services at Great Clips are never-ending and ever-expanding. That’s because they are. Come try them out yourself!


great clips prices and servicesThe chain stresses a very laid back and relieving atmosphere for their clientele. Not only that, but they also make sure they are available at all times and at your convenience. They do not require you to make an appointment. So walk right in!

This is a hair salon where the whole family can go on the weekend and have an unforgettable experience as expert hair stylists tend to everyone needs in particularly friendly fashion. Great Salon houses a personnel that is competent and serious about meeting the entire family’s requests and concerns.

This sort of flexibility should give you the sense that Great Clips is truly committed to upholding their end of the bargain in providing exceptional customer service. Great Clips has no problem in compensating their convenience in return for your satisfaction. That makes them happy as can be.

The ungodly size and success of the Great Clips franchise should be more than enough indication that this a company worth trusting. Many people have invested their hard earned money into this brand and, in return, are satisfied with that. The Great Clips brand-its morals and beliefs-are quite valuable because of the high end service standard that comes with it.

Countless have given in and tried the Great Clips experience. That has proven a smart decision as the experienced combined with the value makes for time and money well spent. Don’t let these advocates be the defining judge of it, but do let them influence your decision. Ultimately, you should go visit any esteemed location and try it for yourself!

To set up an appointment with Great Clips or for more information, please visit their official site at

Make sure to check out Great Clips coupons for the latest Coupons and Specials.

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Monday9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Tuesday9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Wednesday9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Thursday9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Friday9:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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  1. I just went to Great Clips in Richfield, MN and HATED IT. I have been going there for years, since November 2008. One of the stylist went to High School with my daughters, but when they put my name and number in their computer, it wasnt there. 3 daughters, my son, my son in law and myself, LOST in there system. Which meant they didn’t have my haircut style on file. Urrrgggh… When I explained it to the stylist she seemed to understand, but her cutting style was different. After blowing partially, blowing it dry with her fingers, she asked if I liked the length, and I asked if she could blow it dry with a round brush, I just looked weird….she said, “well thats considered and style and would be $18 more… I was like?????? what about a regular brush, and she said “Sorry, great clips policy…” That’s just STUPID. it would have taken her all of 5 minutes, but I guess she wasn’t interested in doing the extra effort… Now I’m debating on ever going back. Its a good thing that I like Darla and Larissa…

    1. Dear Roberta,

      I’m sorry to hear about your horrible experience with Great Clips. You can try contacting their headquarters by visiting this website: I’m pretty sure they might be able to help you out and even possibly reimburse you.

      Also, I recommend you try out Regis Hair Salon. According to our reviews, they seem like a great place. Also for your son and son in law, try taking them to Sport Clips. They are also highly recommended by our online reviews.

      Good Luck,

      All Salon Prices

    2. This is so funny. Cheap people really think cosmetologist pay thousands of dollars to go to college and earn a license, pay even more for advanced training, and go to work all week just to do free services for cheap people. All salons charge for blow dries. It takes time, its an additional service from your CHEAP ($14.00 haircut). Go to a restaurant and order a meal, and say I’d like an iced tea with that. Guess what you have to pay for the iced tea, its not free either. You should be ashamed for expecting free services from anyone. If she had given you the free service that is theft of services by both of you.

      1. So you ask me to review my experience, then you personally attack me by calling me cheap???? You think I go there fir the price? I am not nearly cheap as you think I am… I am a loyal customer to good customer service.. I pay and tip well for service rendered… not half ass crap. We all pay for our education, that dont mean I should make exceptions for shotty work and poor communications skills. You should bite your tongue before you open your mouth because you weren’t there…

        1. Correct I was not there, I can only go by what you wrote in your review. You didn’t really complain about “half ass crap” or “shotty work”. You complained about “(on top of my $14 haircut) … I was like whaaaaaat?????? ” Your CHEAP and expecting someone to jeopardize their job for you is low and cheap.

          1. Ha- Whatever, Excuses!!! That’s just so annonymous can justify poor customer service and poor communication skills. Call me low and Cheap… I’ll just take all my business elsewhere…
            Maybe Great Clips should advertise their services as cheap instead of affordable…. and if beauticians want to pay off there school loans sooner, they should work for the expensive , high end salons… hahaha …

          2. Roberta you ARE cheep!! People want something for nothing all the time! The other girl is exactly right. You don’t go to a restaurant and order something extra and expect it for free. We HATE people like you that come in our shops. Why don’t you send your ugly self to a full service salon and pay their prices. Great clips isn’t full service!

          3. my comment (truth) is very much for you and sick of cheap and all other trashy people who responed ugly to that lady

        2. Wow you get what you pay for what are hair stylist suppose to charge? They don’t even get half of what the salon prices. And when the do get 50% after working there for years they pay taxes on them. Think about that next time you sit in a hairstylist chair and start bargaining for the service they provide. How are they suppose to care for themselves and their families? Shame on all you who want great style for cheap!!!

      2. YES!!!! I agree wholeheartedly! Or better yet, for the cheapos … do your own hair! We HATE seeing you come in with your nagging complaints about nothing and forget about a tip even when we bend over backwards for you tightwads! Do us ALL a favor and just don’t come. Please & thanks!

      3. Some of us are on limited incomes. I like the person you throwing insults at, are willing to pay, but listing everything separately is insane. Most people who get a haircut want a wash, cut and style. I was just in a shopping center close to my home I saw this shop and thought, oh maybe I’ll try them. I went home and looked them up and couldn’t believe my eyes. After seeing the price list I have decided not too use them. Everyone is entitled to their opinions including you, but you assume someone is cheap and quick to be rude and pass judgement.

    3. Your obviously cheep! Go to any other full service salon and get a cut and style that cheep. Smh you people are unreal. The girl was doing her job dumb and dumber..

  2. It’s ridiculous to pay $11 for a haircut and $3 for a shampoo and then $15 for a blow dry/style = $29. I’ll take my business to Hair Cuttery where they include the shampoo, blow dry and cut for $24.

  3. I went on this site to schedule an appt. but after scrolling down and seeing this comments I wouldn’t go to any of these salons any where in the USA! I don’t care about the complaints, I would have made an appt. regardless of what other people thought of the service( I make up my own mind about the service I got n don’t care what others post about theirs ) but the ugly way you all responded to her personal thoughts on the service and price

  4. was just trashy!!!!!!
    cant believe that you would respond this way! you don’t like what you read ? be professional ! dahhhh! grow up! you girls that call yourselves pros , that need well paid just showed the world that your those dumb asses that got a votec license and thinks the world owes you, im calling you out ! STOP sticking your damn noses so high in the air ! cause you girls suck

  5. I worked as a stylist a high end salon and day spa. It was very nice. A shampoo, cut and style package ranged from $40-$90 depending on who your stylist was and how long she had been with the company. For example a senior stylist prices were: haircut $65, style $25=$90. You either pay a combination higher price or they break it down and charge you for EACH service. If you came in for a color service you would pay $65 and up for just that service. If you had your hair blown dry after the color was shampooed out then you were charged $25 for a style. Or you could choose a color package for $90. High end salons charhe separate for a style just like cheaper chain salons. They just hide them in “packages”. I now own my own salon and offer a package or a individual service as well. Time is money. If I spend more time I charge more. Thats the way the world in general works. For example, You wouldn’t have a painter come to your house and tell him you’d like your living room walls painted blue with white moldings and then tell him your only going to paint the walls and you think he should paint the moldings for free. A haircut is the same way. I can cut your hair you can leave it it wet if you don’t want to pay me to spend time blow drying it. Just like you can pay that painter to paint only the walls and paint the moldings yourself. No one works for free. The girls that work in places that charge $14 for a haircut only make minimum wage plus tips. So be nice to them, tip them well, pay for a blow dry if you want it, or say no thank you if you don’t want to pay the charge instead of making them feel like dirt for charging for their time. Or go to a high end salon and pay way more for a package because the salon has higher overhead for the nice atmosphere and they send their stylist for all kinds of advanced training.
    As for the US cosmetologist sticking our noses in the air comment I read: We don’t stick our noses in the air. We hold our heads high because we have accomplished something in our lives. We love our career, our clients and we are proud of our work. We know our worth. Im going to reasonably charge you for EVERY service i provide. We provide a wonderful service. We enhance your beauty, we listen to your troubles and we tell you how beautiful you are. So you’re dang Skippy I’m going to walk around with my head held high. If you had taken the long journey I’ve had to get where I am then you would too!!! COSMO LOVE TO ALL THE WONDETFUL HAIRDRESSERS OUT THERE WHETHER YOU MAKE $7.25 AN HOUR IN A CHAIN SALON OR CHARGE $200 FOR A HAIR SCULPTING PACKAGE!!!

    1. I didn’t realize hairstylists made that little. I will make sure to tip well when I go to Great Clips to get my hair cut.

  6. I stopped by the Great Clips location on Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw, Ga for a quick trim and style on my way to a family event. The haircut, which was a wet cut, was $14. I needed it styled which was essentially just a blowout with a large round brush. No product and no straightening or curling. That was an additional $26!!! I was charged $40 for this haircut. I had to keep pointing out to the stylist the fact that she was cutting my sides uneven. One side would always be longer than the other. The side bangs were way too blunt and I had to point that out too. I would have been perfectly fine with paying $26 for that cut and style when it was all said and done but it was not so professional to warrant $40. I will never go back. On top of all of it, the head stylist or manager was not customer friendly.

  7. Great Clips is fine for this male. I’m not fussy about my hair and don’t need a shampoo or style. I can wash and style it myself. Great clips always puts style gel in my hair and blow dries it for the cost of the $14 cut. They are great about taking competitors coupons and sending out their own coupons for $7.99 and for this reason I’ve never paid more than $8 for a cut.

  8. Go to Lady Janes haircuts for men. We have to fix great clips haircuts all the time. It’s a haircut, shampoo, blowdryer and neck shave for only $16. Granit it’s only for men but women there are other high end salons out there with reasonable prices. But just to let you know for women you will always have to pay for a blowdry or a shampoo. At least one or the other, they both won’t be included. But the receptionist should tell you. Also there are plenty of cosmetology schools that you can go to, to get your hair done. Yes they are students but they are half way done with their program by the time they hit the floor and they ARE supervised by licensed cosmetology teachers.

  9. I had a coupon for an $8.99 haircut. I asked the stylist to blow dry my hair after the cut, expecting to pay and additional $4-$5. When she rang up my total, I was charged $16 for the blow dry, that might have taken 5 minutes. This is ridiculous. I have gone to Great Clips for 15 years and I have never been gouged like this. I am done with them. I will go to Hairmasters.

  10. A brand new Great Clips opened in Hollywood recently and sent $6.99 haircut coupons. I went in and was greated by a man looking almost like a vampire with a Satan necklace. I told him I had the coupon but would also like my hair blow dried, he said it would be $29, which means like $22 for the blow dry alone, so I said no. He gave me a hard time because I didn’t want to give him all my personal info, only my name, and then mocked me as I walked back with the stylist.

    She was very pleasant and apologized for him, and got me seated to talk about what I wanted. She asked me how I wanted my blow dry and I said I would skip it at that price, but she said “just straight”? I said yes expecting her to give a lower price (I thought about $10). She then began to wet my hair with a spray bottle and when I asked if she was going to wash it, she said it was extra, $5. I then said I had changed my mind and didn’t need the haircut.

    I normally go to Hair Cuttery and pay $25 for shampoo, cut and easy blow dry, leave my stylist $10 tip and am as happy as could be. In this place if you didn’t take just the $6.99 cut, there was no discount off any other service you requested.

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