Perfect Hipster Fishtail Braid Tutorial for Beginners

Do you ever wonder how those celebrities and pretty girls at school or work get their fish tails to look so good? Maybe you like a tight fishtail braid look or maybe you like the loose fishtail look. Either way, whether you want a regular braid or you want to put it into a french … Read more

16 Easy Hairstyles for Short Hair (For Girls Only)

Hairstyles short wavy hair pictures

If you are tired of fussing with your hair and are searching for easy styles for your short hair, you may want to consider an alternative hairstyle. Some of the styles below may need professional direction while others can be simply done in five minutes! With all the possibilities listed, there is bound to be one … Read more

Should You Cut Your Hair Short?

should you cut your hair short

One of the many conundrums women have is whether or not to cut their hair short. It’s a big decision to make because it will change the way you look completely. If you’re currently contemplating on cutting your hair, you have to take into consideration certain factors. Don’t make the mistake of deciding on impulse … Read more

Choosing Short Haircuts For Women

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Not many women can carry off wearing short hair. Sometimes, short hair can even be sexier than long hair. Think Halle Berry versus Julianne Moore and you find yourself wishing you had short hair, too. Not everybody will agree, of course, that short hair is stylish since the preconceived notion has always been styling short … Read more

Eight Best Hairstyles for Short Hair 2014

short hairstyles

From shoulder-length bobs to close-to-the-nape pixie crops, you can’t come up “short” with short hairstyles because they are actually more versatile than you think. Winter is dreadful on hair, and treating yours this Spring with some rich, creamy conditioning hair wax or mask helps restore protein and moisture to dry and lackluster hair. Shiny, bouncy, … Read more